A Procrastinator’s Resolution

I’m such a procrastinator.

It took me twelve days after it was announced to actually create and maintain a blog site, in spite of how easy WordPress (ass kissing, anyone?) makes it for us amateur bloggers. See, I have this class. It’s a pretty fun class — yes, even the burning sensation of your core muscles after several sets of Pilates exercises (here too!) — that also required us to keep a blog. As I’m not exactly sure if said blog should contain posts exclusively related to that class, I’m also rather making use of the opportunity to my benefit. Or my (former — are there still any left after my three-year long hiatus?) readers’, if you look at it like that. Besides the Pilates-related things I shall be putting here, I shall also be posting several of my old works and hopefully continue from where I left off.

I’m such a bad author.

You see, I’m a frustrated fanfiction writer, and last time I posted a chapter, I promised my readers a two-month long hiatus for me to be able to fix the mess I have made of my story, at the same time leaving them with a cliffhanger. Oh gawd, I’m such a horrid author. After all, I couldn’t just keep putting in scenes that could not be borne from previous chapters, or putting in situations that are so out of context with no prior scenes backing their possibility of happening. I could only deal with seeing so many plot holes from my writing when I was in, say, fourth or sixth grade, and yet I have gotten too emotionally attached to my works to actually scrap them and start over. Which I ended up doing anyway. Yes, that’s how bad it was.

Or rather, they were. Plural.

Oh, my eyes. So many floating and flying scenes.

The shame.

But I digress.

Going back to my (utterly horrid) authorship of several long-since-been-updated works. Well, those two months ended up being two years, and then getting extended for another year. I swear, the zombie apocalypse won’t be brought about by any freak experiments; just attending college will do that to you. But now that I’m in the first semester of my second year, and I have (hopefully) and am adjusting quite well to the demands of the catalyst for a zombie apocalypse, I will start writing again.

Scratch that. I should. For my classes, for my readers, and for the sake of what’s left of my sanity. And hopefully, I can redirect some of my readers here and have them forgive me for being such a bloody creep twat swot procrastinating author. Ah well, I know my wonderful readers all have hearts as pure as snow and would easily pass off my three-year absence as a grossly enormous lack of sense of time. (And yet more ass kissing over here! I’m all for squeaky clean derrieres after all. Not. You do know I’m kidding, right?)

I am such a shameless bastard.


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