It’s a Fun Time >D

My first class today starts at 7, ends at 10, and is followed by a 1PM class.

Or at least, it was supposed to.

One of my classmates had just come in. He’s our reluctant unofficial class “president” ’cause he looks like such a responsible bloke that most of our teachers and both our sensei — that is, our Japanese language professors — channel important announcements through him and give him the responsibility of collecting papers and dropping them off at the department. He was also the one who told us sensei couldn’t come to class that morning.

And so he was met with whoops, complaints, and offers of food.

He shrugged, said he had been told of it last night, but wisely decided to come to class anyway, since it wouldn’t have been fair to those of us he had no contact to. And it was fun, too. Class bonding during majors is a major plus since we’re all just fun people pretending trying to survive a rather cutthroat course (or at least, that’s how we see things but come on, all courses are like that). And we have a habit of bringing food to share to the whole class. Wherever we are.

So now we all have our laptops out (we have a subject where having a laptop is mandatory), blogging, tweeting, chatting, listening to music, eating, and somehow doing our own things together. And yes, I know how contradictory that sounded. It’s another one of my guilty pleasures, spending time with last year’s newly found friends. (I still nearly always answer “Freshman” every time I’m asked what year I’m in.)

I love my blockmates. 😀

Right, now excuse me while I go prepare my brain to decide between watching Korra and Hana Yori Dango the Movie. And actually get around to typing the last part of the first chapter I’ve written down.


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