Simply Destiny [01]

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Summary: Hannah Sonozaki is a transfer student from Italy. In her stay in Seigaku, she becomes the temporary manager of the Boys’ Tennis Club, and something more. Little did they know that she has certain connections to a certain buchou…

Author’s Note: This story isn’t mine. It’s Rea Ysabelle’s. I’m just writing it for her, but the plot is co-written with me. And she…is now behind me. 🙂 Oh, and keep in mind that I’m currently working on other fics so I won’t be updating as much…That is added to the fact that our computer is broken (damn thing…)

…Rea!! Let me work!…

(Hannah’s POV)

Seishun Gakuen…better than Hyotei?

Hnh, I guess it’ll do. No, scratch that; it’ll have to do. Don’t ask me why, I’m not in the mood to answer such questions.

Flicking imaginary dust from the collar of my shirt, I walked languidly through the corridors. Through the wide windows, I could see several students going about their clubs’ activities. My gaze lingered for a moment at the grassy tennis courts before resuming their scrutiny of the area.

‘It doesn’t seem bad,’ I thought with a shrug and made my way to the principal’s office. I was only half-listening to what he was saying when I got there; I was paying more attention to the pink sweat suit-clad woman beside him. “Ishikawa Hiroyuki-san, can I go with Ryuzaki-sensei now?”

The woman’s lips quirked. “Cocky as ever, eh, Hannah?”

“I have the right to be,” I smirked, crossing my arms in front of my chest. Suddenly, a grin spread on my face and I held up a peace sign. “Just kidding.”

She sweatdropped. ‘And still as unpredictable as ever…’

(Ryoma POV)

“Everyone! Gather!”

People shuffled around and lined up in front of the Grumpy Old Lady. My eyebrows shot up when I saw another girl beside her. It wasn’t that girl with long braids – what was her name? Sakura? Sakuni? Saku…something – but this one had choppy longish shoulder-length chestnut brown hair.

Our eyes, met and I have very strong feeling that she snickered as she whispered something to Ryuzaki-sensei. Tch, who does she think she is? Maa, I guess the bright side is that she isn’t one of those screaming girls right outside the fence.

“This is our new club manager,” our coach said. “She’ll take charge of your training and collaborate with Inui for your daily menu. Get to know her if you wish.”

“You sure know how to make an introduction,” the girl muttered wryly. Two seconds later, she was grinning and saying, “So, shall we start your training?”

I think I better be careful. She’s freaky. She’s like Inui-senpai…Who knows what kind of data she’d be taking?

(Hannah POV)

He’s such a dolt!

Snickering, I whispered to Ryuzaki-sensei. “That moron doesn’t seem to recognize me.”

Not minding my childish actions, she announced, “This is our new club manager. She’ll take charge of your training and collaborate with Inui for your daily menu.” The heck?! That wasn’t part of the contract! “Get to know her if you wish.”

What appeared to be a dark-skinned Junior raised his hand. “Ryuzaki-sensei.” Everyone turned to him. “How come a girl’s our manager? Shouldn’t she be the manager for the girls’ team?”

“I don’t mind,” a violet-eyed Junior piped up. “Fudomine’s manager is a girl.”

“Oooh, you mean Ann-chan?” a catlike redhead asked with a furtive grin, at which the Junior immediately blushed.

“My talents would be wasted on such pompous, incompetent people,” I declared dismissively. And it was true, or at least, most people say so.

“Keh, arrogant; just like…” The tan Junior (Arai, Ryuzaki-sensei whispered) shot Ryoma a brief glance. “If you’re so talented, why don’t we have a match?”

I smirked. “Why not? I’ll teach you how to play tennis.”

The ball disappeared right before their eyes, got split in two and landed in two different places.

“Ma…Masaka! That’s just like…Echizen’s Samurai Drive!” The crowd’s jaws were wide open.

Ryuzaki smirked from the umpire’s seat. “Hmn…Game set. 6-0.”

“Bo-ring,” I muttered when I exited the courts victorious. I did a half turn and looked at the devastated Junior kneeling near the net. “Next time if you’re going to challenge someone, make sure you’re at least half their level.”

(Ryoma POV)

“Next time if you’re going to challenge someone, make sure you’re at least half their level.”

Merely two seconds later, she said, “Oh um…Sorry about that. But you should seriously work on your returns; put more power in your serves…and…” The kind smile that had graced her lips curved back into a smirk. “…Mada mada dana.”

Everyone looked very much freaked out; one minute she’s cocky, the other she’s caring, then the next she’s arrogant again. Seriously, is this girl mental?

But more importantly…

“Sensei…” I came up to the pink-clad obaa-san. “…Just who is she?” The girl raised one elegant eyebrow and looked like she was fighting not to smirk or smile or burst out laughing…or all of the above. Can anybody do that simultaneously?

“Oh? What’s this? I’d thought that among everyone else you’d be the one to recognize her first,” she said with an inquiring brow.

“I don’t,” was my blunt reply.

“Nya, O-chibi…” Kikumaru-senpai’s arms snaked around my neck and I had to struggle not to get trapped in his headlock – but proved futile, since Momo-senpai managed to trap me in the end. “…Could it be that she’s your…” He held up one pinky and curled it.

“My…?” I finally got them off of me. When I heard that, I twitched. “I barely even know her.”

“Saa, that hurts…” I found another arm snaking around my shoulder, around my nape, to my other shoulder; the touch made me shiver. “…Could it be that you’ve forgotten the name…”

She said the following syllables breathily, letting (or making sure?) her breath reach and tickle my ears.





I gasped and choked on my own saliva. “Hannah…?”

(Hannah’s POV)

“My…? I barely even know her.”

I grinned inwardly. That meant that I’m pulling this off fairly well. If Ryoma himself couldn’t and didn’t recognize me, who else will? Heh, but that doesn’t mean I won’t punish him for not being able to do so…Heeheeheeh…

I approached the small group of Regulars, just in time to see him shrugging off his senpai-tachi. I skimmed my hand over his shoulders and, making sure to use a positively lower, silkier and effeminate voice, said, “Saa, that hurts…Could it be that you’ve forgotten the name…”

Fighting not to burst out laughing and spoil the whole thing, I bent nearer to his ear. “Ha-nnah Su-no-“

I was rudely interrupted by his gasping. His head turned sharply into my direction and very nearly hit me. “Hannah…?”

I burst out laughing. “Mwahahahah!! I got ya there, didn’t I?”

His golden orbs narrowed suspiciously. “Why are you here?”

I sobered up. “Strictly confidential.” Ten seconds later, I was laughing again – but this time, with him; or rather, I was laughing and he was…sweatdropp-ing.

(Regulars’ POV)

What the heck are they talking about??

Authors’ Note II: Yeah, plural possessive. Rea wants this posted as soon as possible even if it’s not finished yet…soooooooo….

Date Authored: August 22, 2008

Date Edited: August 22, 2008

Date Posted: August 22, 2008

…I have a very strong feeling that I’d be updating this much faster than the others…Than even my own…Ne, Rea?

Rea: You should. Or you’d go to hell – without EJ or maybe I’ll send him to hell without you (evil laughter)

crizarah: Isn’t she cruel? -.-;;;;

Rea: We’ll update again…maybe the day after tomorrow…Right?? (throws knives at a protesting crizarah) …Hmm, it actually depends on my schedule…And as for my slave here (crizarah: I am not your slave! –evades another wave of knives-)…Well, ja ne, minna-san!

So yeahhh…how was it? Is my writing more awful now than it was before? Or did I actually get to improve in the five years between now and when this was written? Do tell me!


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