Adventures Courtesy of Idiocy Part 1

I have always been the kind of idiot who does anything for the sake of his friends.

I end up inconvenienced, get home late, get in danger, and spend more than I would normally do being my usual stingy self, but I don’t particularly care. As long as I know they’re happy, safe, and content, I’m good. There’s this feeling of having accomplished something worthwhile, and even though it’s supposed to be freezing outside, there’s this warm, almost giddy feeling that keeps me from feeling it. Am I weird? Even if I seem to be literally cold-blooded and am susceptible to hypothermia, during those times, my body seems to act like its biological thermometer isn’t banged up so bad that I sleep wrapped in a bloody thick blanket in the middle of a blistering hot summer night.

I guess, to some extent even if people would normally call me the epitome of evil, I have tendency to act like a bloody selfless idiot martyr when it comes to my friends.

Tonight was a prime example of such stupidity. But I don’t regret it one bit.

See, this whole week, classes have been suspended due to heavy rains brought by the Southwestern Monsoon. And I don’t mean because our school is the fickle sort that decides to suspend classes because of a little flooding. Actually, my university is always the last to suspend classes. They seem to be under the mistaken notion that college students, especially us, are waterproof. I meant the whole region suspended classes due to heavy rains and even heavier flooding.

The water levels were extreme. There were reports of areas having two-storey houses that were completely submerged in water. I saw a video where the train system, which is way above ground, had maybe a two-foot distance from the surface of the murky water. There was even a footage of a floating stage in one of the rivers smashing into the highway bridge because the water level reached that far. From the second floor of our house, I could see a bloody rushing river where the road once was. There wasn’t even a storm!

So the signs were clear: do not go out unless absolutely necessary. Scratch that. Don’t go out at all. To do so would be dangerous and absolutely stupid.

Except it’s already an established fact that I am, in fact, an idiot.

Last Wednesday was the eighteenth birthday of one of my closest female friends and there was supposed to be a celebration. The original celebration was supposed to have been held in the avenue where most of our universities were concentrated. This was convenient for everyone as the area was right in the middle of everyone’s way home. Due to the rain and cancellation of classes, the celebration was moved somewhere nearer to their homes, and farther away from me. (I live farthest away from my high school friends, seeing as my home is some twelve or thirteen kilometers away from school, and theirs is around five or six, maximum. That is another thing people question me about: Why I insisted on studying there when I could have easily transferred somewhere nearer. I think you know the answer to that.)

Even if the skies had been pretty clear the whole morning, I was still pretty sure that it would rain sooner or later. According to satellite images, the huge cloud indicating the low pressure area currently hovering over the country has yet to move to a distance where its effects wouldn’t be as disastrous. My dilemma then was whether I was going to listen to logic and stay safe at home, or be an idiot and risk getting stranded far, far away with very, very limited funds. It was obvious which one I would pick.

As I said, I am an idiot.

And so, I got stranded on the way home.

Drivers of public utility vehicles were all reluctant to pass through the river area, which, coincidentally, was my way home. No one, not even the cab drivers, wanted to pass through there. They all said that they were afraid of encountering the floating stage if it was going to crash again. Which was rather unfounded, as the floating stage had already crashed, sunk, and floated to the other side of the bridge by then. Besides, the water had receded to normal levels when I passed it going there.

I had no idea that a river that large could rise sixteen meters in a span of less than an hour.

How the heck were we supposed to know they opened eight bloody dam gates at the same time? The usual was only three or four, five if the dams were that full. But eight? Seriously?

Good thing there was a nearby twenty-four-hour McDonalds nearby. There’s even free wi-fi. So now I’m here, typing this, with a large serving of yummy hot fudge sundae beside me. Yes, I eat sundae when I’m nearly shivering from the cold wind and rain. I’ll probably spend the night here until I can go home.

Ah well. At least I’ll have pancakes for breakfast. I love pancakes. And sundae. I love hot fudge sundae. Yes, I am not a sugar-crazed freak.

Birthday celebrant just texted.

Yehey! Congrats!…Thanks so much, ’cause you still went

even though you knew this might happen to you. :*

Ah, there’s that tingly feeling again.

Makes me want to get another helping of hot fudge sundae.


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