Post One Week “Vacation”

A new school week full of make up classes, food trips, lessons, and insanity. Throw in a plateful of lobby-made because it wasn’t exactly homemade since we made it in the middle of the second floor lobby kimbap, topoki, and an unidentifiable spicy pancit LOL I kid jap chae, free food, four hours of Alternative Classroom Learning Experience which I utterly regret not being able to attend, fantasizing about said ACLE, peppered conversations with my best friend, and the typical dose of insanity with my awesome forever classmates because we have no official block but stick together for majors anyway, and you get a week and a half of my first semester sophomore college life, one week after our “vacation” due to the torrential rains of the Southwest Monsoon.

The Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) is always really something to look forward to. But seriously, I’m starting to notice a trend. My participation in school activities is always, without fail, next to nonexistent during the first semester of any year, in any school, during whatever level of education. No matter what the activity is. It was really too bad we had to make progress with our research paper sometime this week (the other groups have already started with their second language variety or are nearly done with their first, while we still face the problems of a practically nonexistent member and our main language consultant returning to her province and not knowing when she’ll come back. Ergo, we haven’t even gotten to half of our first language variety. If you’re wondering, yes, I’m panicking.)

I mean really. I was having a hard time deciding what to attend, and then I ended up not being able to go because we recorded for said paper. My choices were, among others, Tai Chi, Furoshiki Workshop (that’s the art of traditional Japanese cloth wrapping), Exorcism: Can This Happen to You?, Forensic Anthropology and Human Rights, Parkour Demo + Workshop, Kick and Flip Capoeira, Aikido, Forensic Science, Arms Training (probably what I would have attended had I gone), and Ethical Hacking.

Awesome, yeah?

I wasn’t able to attend and am now on the brink of having a childish tantrum about it and nothing in particular…they’re right, PMSing women are scary! so I’m having a typical conversation with my best friend whilst we study for our first thing at seven in the bloody morning exam. No Pottermore too, since we set up a sort of curfew at one in the morning for when we have classes the following day. Usually.

Here’s a snippet of our conversation. It’s one of the…saner parts of the conversation, I think. I leave it to you to judge who said what how.

And yes, I know. We’re absolutely mental.


“My brain has turned into the consistency of porridge. Fancy a helping?”

“That’s revolting XD”

“It is. A pinch or whole fistful of cinnamon might make it somewhat tolerable.”

“I rather like keeping my dinner where it is now.”

“Not even with chocolate chips?”


“Darn. And here I thought I’d be able to give you a piece of my mind.”



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