Eargasm-Inducing Mid-Hell Week Post

I know it may seem like I’ve died, but I haven’t, really. Or at least not yet bloody exams. I haven’t written for the longest time, but I am now back to test the limits of your sanity. Don’t worry though; the past weeks have been relatively insane even for my standards. Just the usual hanging out with awesome classmates, papers, school, and reviewing like mad — a typical student’s menu.

I have to say though. I missed this yes I know, Im a sap and I abso-bloody-lutely miss this thing people call rest. The latter part of yesterday and today were our respite from days and weeks of papers, informant work, reports, haggardness, and stress. Tomorrow, people from our last class of the day have planned for us to go goof off at a nearby mall.

Things will pick up again next week though, as this semester is nearing its end. Deadlines, exams, papers, reports, even more exams and papers would be prowling the corners of incoming weeks. “Hell week” really does live up to its name. For those interested, I’ll hopefully be able to post the next set of chapters of the fanfics I’ve started posting here. I promise to post something interesting too. I think the tons of farewell parties might give me interesting material to write about. So until the, I’ll leave you with one of the things that keeps us from becoming part of the impending zombie apocalypse. I have to warn you: It’s kind of addictive, so make sure you have time to keep repeating the video to your hearts’ and ears’ content 😉

The Beginning [ONE OK ROCK]

Rurounin Kenshin Live Action OST

Just tell me why baby they might call me crazy 
For saying I’d fight until there is no more
I can’t see the end so where do I begin 

Just tell me why baby
They might call me crazy
For saying I’d fight until there is no more
The selecting glint in your eye that holds sadness is nearly a sense of urge, right?
Blinded, I can’t see the end
So where do I begin?


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