One Last Pike!

Last week, our Physical Education teacher Pilates instrucThor took advantage of his last chance to make us go through hell experience the most agonizing positions he could think of, and he really outdid himself in his sadism.

Tuesday had him grinning like a mad scientist witnessing his very own Frankenstein-inspired creations students perform what was probably the most intense workout he had devised. Come Thursday, his low, rumbling laughter was all but ready to spill out as the poor students carried, tugged, or dragged each other across the floor and slid along without stepping out of the boundaries of three separate paper plates. I couldn’t resist that second serving of strawberry ice cream, but I shouldn’t have had those two butterscotch bars.

How’s that for a closing party?

Those last two sessions actually pretty much characterized all of the thirty-two hour-long sessions we had – perpetual sadism from our instructor as we go through the warm ups until the cool downs, interspersed with encouragements and constructive criticism, grunts of effort, and echoing cries as we tortured ourselves and strengthened our muscles. Staying awake during the relaxation part of our cool down exercises take conscious effort. And the following day, good luck with getting out of bed and going through the day without screaming in pain.

It isn’t even a week since our last class, but I find that I miss it already. Yes, I’m a masochist. I know. I am planning to continue with Pilates even after the class has finished as soon as I get to swim out of the papers I find myself drowning in, but doing it on your own and doing it with a class are still different. There’s a certain sense of solidarity when you hear others struggling with you, and a bigger feeling of satisfaction when you, as a group, succeed in doing a pose or survive three minutes’ worth of Prayer Planks – which is basically bracing your forearms against the ground for support and holding your whole body in a stiff diagonal position and not letting your body sag to the ground, with a leg up for a variation of the torture.

This class was also the reason I put up this blog in the first place. Don’t worry though, I plan to continue messing with your sanity and keep this collection of my musings, anecdotes, fanfiction, and most other things that pass through my head and survive the night.

Though if you continue reading this, I can’t guarantee that your sanity will.





2 thoughts on “One Last Pike!

  1. haha! you’re good at making me look so evil in your blog!haha

    • crizarah says:

      Because you are XD And it’s rather rare to find a prof like you *coughsomeonewhoopenlyrevelsinhissadismandmakesitseemfuncough*

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