Simply Destiny [02]

The idea to use banners for different stories is not originally mine. I got it from Jeyna Grace. She has a Tom Riddle x OC story up, as well as her own fiction. Visit her page at and tell her I said hi 😀

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crizarah: Ohayo minna-san! I’m back and updating…per Rea’s request… (Keep this a secret: I’m being held hostage in their house right now…somebody, help!) This is the continuation of Chapter One. Most of you would call it Chapter Two, but noooo, Rea wants to call it Chapter 1.2…

Rea: Any problems with that? (crizarah hastily shakes head) Meh, it’s kind of boring and sad to write a fic that so few people give reviews to. Poor me…

crizarah: What do you mean you??

Rea: To those who’ve already read this fanfic, I take flames –

crizarah: At least we have one thing we agree upon…But…She’s going to blame it on me -.-;;

Rea: (pushing crizarah aside) – but I loooooooveeee reviews, especially the positive ones.

crizarah: It’s called: “constructive criticism”

Both: Special thanks to Kouyan, the only one who has reviewed so far that we aren’t affiliated to personally, for doing so. Thanks so much! Anyway, ON WITH THE STORY!

I approached the small group of Regulars, just in time to see him shrugging off his senpai-tachi. I skimmed my hand over his shoulders and, making sure to use a positively lower, silkier and effeminate voice, said, “Saa, that hurts…Could it be that you’ve forgotten the name…”

Fighting not to burst out laughing and spoil the whole thing, I bent nearer to his ear. “Ha-nnah Su-no-“

I was rudely interrupted by his gasping. His head turned sharply into my direction and very nearly hit me. “Hannah…?”

I burst out laughing. “Mwahahahah!! I got ya there, didn’t I?”

His golden orbs narrowed suspiciously. “Why are you here?”

I sobered up. “Strictly confidential.” Ten seconds later, I was laughing again – but this time, with him; or rather, I was laughing and he was…sweatdropp-ing.

(Regulars’ POV)

What the heck are they talking about??

(Hannah’s POV)

It was a long time before I could stop myself and talk without breaking out into another fit of laughter. By that time, I was sure a lot of people were puzzled by our actions and words. Ah well, who cares?

Apparently, somebody does because I was given a whack on the head by…


The Regulars gawked at their captain, while the aforementioned just coughed and dusted himself off discreetly. Turning back to me he said, “That will be the end of it.”

My smile got deteriorated one notch and I got busy racking my brains out with thoughts that would have shamed light at the speed they were flowing in and out of it.

How come Ryoma didn’t recognize me and he did? Was there a flaw I didn’t notice?

While I turned into chibi form, my arms flailing around wildly, the rest were busy with their own conversations.

(Regulars’ POV)

Tezuka…whacked a girl?! Unbelievable! He wouldn’t even do that to us! He hasn’t done that to anybody yet, or at least as far as we’ve known him…Is he going through some phase? As his best friend and the fuku-buchou, should I help out? Maybe I should…I’ll talk to him…I should… – (Guess who)

What is up with this girl? The two most stoic people on this team are affected…I should get more data on her…It would be good to have much information on her… -(Again, guess who)

Buchou…? I’d have traded my bandana first before believing that he would be capable of doing that to a girl… – (Pssshhh…)

(Hannah’s POV)

I froze in midair, still in my chibi form, when I noticed something: everyone was looking at me. “Eh? Nani?”

Tezuka was burying his face in his palm, sighing in resignation. “…Hannah…Near the locker room. Now.”

I stuck my tongue out. “Hai, hai…”

At the locker room…

Not inside the locker room, you pervs!

“Doushite?” I asked nonchalantly. “What’s this tété a tété all about?”

Whapack! “Do. Not. Trouble. Or. Distract. The. Minds. Of. Our. Players.” He handed me the clipboard he whacked me with. “Sorry.”

I brightened up. “Am I supposed to hit back?”

I was rewarded with another hit on the head.

(Regulars’ POV)

We were appalled to see that Tezuka had hit the new manager – again, and twice. What’s next? She’d hit him back? Nobody in their right mind would do that.

Spoke too soon.

(Tezuka’s POV)

I was blinking at the ruined clipboard, at the girl in front of me, and the huge grin on her face. “I haven’t done that in a long time.”

I didn’t hit her that hard…I was only playing with her…So how come…

“Heeh, did I hit you that hard?” Her smile curled up into a smirk and held up the broken clipboard. “I didn’t know you could be so hard-headed. Don’t you remember my motto?”

(Flashback; Tezuka’s POV)

Eight years ago, Hannah and I were having a practice match…somewhere. It was my turn to serve and I was already at the baseline. The racquet had already made contact when I suddenly realized that Hannah was looking elsewhere (further investigation indicated that she was looking at a rather cute guy that passed by). She didn’t even realize that the ball had passed her. Actually…

I didn’t mean just pass her; I meant pass right in front of her eyes.

After taking a brief glance at the passing yellow sphere, she turned back to the distraction – err, passerby.

Hannah…” I approached her and tried getting her attention.

I tried swinging my racquet in front of her. No use.

Shaking her. Futile.

Bumping the racquet head gently but repeatedly on her forehead. Now that got a reaction out of her – though I couldn’t say it was one I had hoped for.

The big vein that was pulsating at the side of her head should have served as warning enough when she slowly reached for my silver racquet, took it, smiled at me and…


Used my own racquet to hit me…

“‘Do something to me and I’ll give it back to you hundredfold’,” she quoted, fidgeting with the strings that had snapped with her assault. She paused and took a look at me. “Hey, you okay? Are you dizzy or something?”

Daijou…” The next thing I saw were flying tennis balls circling around my head.

(End of Flashback; Tezuka’s POV)

“Now I do,” I muttered silently. Then that all-too-familiar lightheaded feeling kicked in. Uh-oh…

(Hannah’s POV)

Ooopsie, I did it again…It’s his fault anyway…Ah well, better get Ryuzaki-sensei fast…

(Regulars’ POV)


We turned over to look at the venue which we were all trying so hard not to look at and found…

“I think Mitsu-chan is dead!”

…Tezuka lying on the ground, a large, ugly bruise on his forehead and half of the clipboard he once held beside him. The other one…was in the new manager’s hands.

“It wasn’t my fault, it’s his,” she said in a singsong voice while pointing at a seemingly dead Tezuka.

Everyone was in shock – complete and utter shock – at what had transpired.

“Ryu-za-ki-sen-sei~~” Her voice was still the same she used earlier. “If he’s really dead, could you hurry and call the medics? I don’t want others to see the result of my crime – err, his suicide attempt.” Now she was smiling a smile that was not unlike Fuji’s – very sadistic while pretending to be innocent.

Half of the club fainted.

crizarah: I really do wish people would review…Because it’d really help me…and it would subside Rea’s anger…

Rea: We’ve reached a conclusion. Each chapter should have five reviews (from people we do not know personally) before the next one will be posted. If this ultimatum will not be reached in ten (10) days, the story will be deleted / discontinued.

crizarah: o.0 That’s harsh!

Rea: Inspiration is important.

crizarah: …

Rea: What’s the use of writing a story that no one would read?

crizarah: Ouch, landmine…

Rea: What’s the use of speaker without music? And vice versa?

crizarah: …You’re just bitter because your computer is newly formatted and the speakers aren’t working…ü

Rea: Prepare to face my wrath!!

Both: So minna-san, reviews are very welcome. In fact, they’re required!

Rea: crizarah’s really addicted to reviews. She cried in happiness when she saw Kouyan-san’s review. (nod, nod)

crizarah: Meeeee?? Whaddaya mean “me”? It was you!!

Both: Saa, the Authors’ Notes are already too long…So last remarks: The next chapter is almost done. We’ll just be waiting for the reviews. Reviews, reviews, and more reviews! Ja mata ne! .

(told you she was addicted…)


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