Hello, Goodbye

(The “goodbye” part? Not really. LOL, I’m not that kind. Or anything near kind at all for that matter XD)


Most of our previous professors and even some of our upperclassmen have warned told us that this semester it would be a miracle if we don’t die would be particularly taxing. We’ve also met with our professors, and it really seems to be that way.


I don’t really have a choice but to kill my happy self avoid any and all distractions as much as possible. Which, as we all know, is impossible, because I already have a lot of distractions in school alone. LOL.


I guess I won’t be able to post anything for a while. There I go again with that line. For the duration of my insane ramblings’ absence, I hope nobody comes to their senses, pities their sanity, and unfollows me. For those who follow the wannabe-fanfics, I will try to post at least one in December. Hopefully I’ll have at least a chapter to show you as a compensation of sorts for your sanity’s condition.

I’ll post if when if when if I have a whole hour’s worth to breathe without worrying about readings and shizz.

See ya guys when this hell sem is over!

…I hope.


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