Simply Destiny [03]

The idea to use banners for different stories is not originally mine. I got it from Jeyna Grace. She has a Tom Riddle x OC story up, as well as her own fiction. Visit her page at and tell her I said hi ;)

The idea to use banners for different stories is not originally mine. I got it from Jeyna Grace. She has a Tom Riddle x OC story up, as well as her own fiction. Visit her page at and tell her I said hi 😉

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A/N: Okay, we’re back! Though it has been a long time since we last updated…Unfortunately, our ultimatum was not reached (sob) but…I can’t help it…I just have to post this one!

Hinataluv: Whee! You’re here again! Thanks for reviewing and I do hope you’ll like this…

Sakuni: mamMie!!! Read this, and then tell me what you think (grin)

That goes for everyone as well. I really do hope that you’ll like it and LAUGH J Demanding aren’t I? Oh by the way, Never Ending Promise won’t be updated in a while…Though I’m already halfway through, and am starting what may be a sequel AND a prequel, the computer’s busted and so is the internet. So just a little patience, next time I update that, it’ll be five chapters longer (wide grin)…As long as Sakuni doesn’t keep on snatching my notebook away from me…

Rea: …What’ll I say?

Uhh…For the first time, she’s at a loss for words. O.O

Rea: I’m so sad…About…the reviews…I don’t feel like…continuing…


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Rea: Especially crizarah


Rea: mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa

(Regulars’ POV)


We turned over to look at the venue which we were all trying so hard not to look at and found…

I think Mitsu-chan is dead!”

Tezuka lying on the ground, a large, ugly bruise on his forehead and half of the clipboard he once held beside him. The other one…was in the new manager’s hands.

It wasn’t my fault, it’s his,” she said in a singsong voice while pointing at a seemingly dead Tezuka.

Everyone was in shock – complete and utter shock – at what had transpired.

Ryu-za-ki-sen-sei…” Her voice was still the same she used earlier. “If he’s really dead, could you hurry and call the medics? I don’t want others to see the result of my crime – err, his suicide attempt.” Now she was smiling a smile that was not unlike Fuji’s – very sadistic while pretending to be innocent.

Half of the club fainted.

The Regulars were following Tezuka home. Why? Because he was going home…with the new manager.

“What’s Tezuka doing?” Oishi fretted. “He’s going to ruin his life by…!!”

“Calm down, fuku-buchou,” Momoshiro said coolly. “I’m sure they won’t do that.

Oishi stopped, causing the others to bump into him. “Do what?”

“What you had in mind,” Fuji said with his usual (sadistic) smile. “Saa, let’s keep quiet or they’re bound to notice us.”

“How did I end up going along with this stupidity anyway?” the freshman prodigy complained.

(Flashback; Oishi’s POV)

We were going to visit Tezuka at the infirmary when we saw him talking to the one who gave him his injury in the first place. The mischievous smiles on their faces made my spine tingle.

I’m going to your place tonight. You better get yourself ready. You’re sure to have a work out with what we’ll be doing.”

Are you sure? We haven’t done that in a long time.”

Hah! Just wait. You’ll see I’ll last longer than you!”

Hn. I also have other new tricks up my sleeve.”

I’ll let you experience something you’ve never had before!”

We all froze. What would two fifteen-year-olds be doing in a male’s house when we all know that Tezuka’s parents and grandfather won’t be there for a whole week…? They wouldn’t possibly be…?

I’ll satisfy you this time, for sure.”

Our jaws fell. They WERE going to do it!!

(End Flashback; still Oishi’s POV)

Even when they got there, Tezuka was being a real gentleman. He opened their fusuma(1) for the new manager, Hannah. I was on edge; my forehead was slick with beads of sweat. What if word got out that Tezuka took a girl to his house? To his empty parent-less house.

“You can prepare in my room. I’ll take a bath first.”

We waited with bated breath. There was no way…

“Be sure not to take too long; I’m SO in the mood right now.”


“You do not want to keep me waiting.”

“I won’t…Tigress.”

“I’m not called Tigress for nothing.”

“He said what?!”

“Pssshhh!! Keep your voice down, baka-peach! They’ll hear us!”

“What was that Mamushi?! Wanna fight??”

“Oi, cut it out you two!”

“If the two of you don’t stop squirming around, there is a seventy-two percent probability that this branch will break; eighty-two percent that they’ll spot us spying on them; and ninety-four percent that they will punish us for doing so.”

“Saa, you guys are all I hear. What about the interesting noises coming from Tezuka’s room?” The people froze and looked at their resident Tensai. Said sadist was gazing at a window of what appeared to be their buchou’s room. The sounds, especially the conversation, made most of them blush really hard.

“Ne, Mitsu-chan, is this all you can do? You’re too slow!” came Hannah-san’s half-mocking voice. It made me worry; how often had they done this before? Wait, before??They’d done this before???

“It’s not like we’ve never done this before.” The voice was faint and low, but definitely Tezuka’s.

Snickering was heard on the girl’s part. “Yeah, not even your parents have managed to stop us these past few years…”

We – I at least – blushed at what we heard. Isn’t this a tad too early to be doing such things? And…past few years??? They’d done this with Tezuka’s parents’ knowledge??? No, no, that must not be it…Who would encourage their child to do that at such an early age? Besides, Tezuka’s grandfather is very strict…

My hope was short-lived with what we heard next.

I heard Tezuka grunt. “Just you wait…The first round always serves as a warm up, doesn’t it?”

“Tsss…Whatever. I want the main event already!”

“Don’t worry, it’s coming.”

We held our breath. This wasn’t Tezuka, surely it wasn’t. He won’t do this, he won’t he–

“Shit, too fast!”

“You asked for this, remember?” We could not believe that we would ever hear our buchou – ever-responsible, authoritative, an honor student, president of the student body, and a gentleman – use that kind of voice; it suited Echizen more. “Besides, we can’t stop now. Not when we’ve already reached this stage.”

“Ah! Stop it! Stop it!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to stop them before…!

“Oi, Oishi, what do you think you’re doing?” Eiji said, startled by his partner’s sudden movement. “You can’t go in there! Tezuka’ll kill us!!”

“But what they’re doing isn’t right either!” I stood up and prepared to go. Immediately, Fuji pulled me down. His action caused me to land on Momo, who landed on Kaidoh, who in turn landed on Inui.

“Oi! What do you think you’re doing, baka-peach?!”

“What? Oishi-senpai was the one who–”

“You shouldn’t be talking like that to a senpai!”


“Oi, oi, oi! Stop that or the branch…” Eiji stood up and flailed his arms wildly around. As if on cue, a snapping sound was heard from below us, or more precisely, from the base of the branch. “…will break…”

“There is a ninety-nine point two percent probability that this branch will break off due to the excessive weight and all our unnecessary movements.” Inui need not have said it.

The branch broke off, sending us all to the ground. Good thing we had picked a leafy branch to hide in, because those leaves were the ones that broke our fall. Nobody was seriously harmed, just that we landed on one another. And there was also the matter of…

“One hundred percent probability that those two will make our lives hell.”

Hannah Sunozaki and Tezuka were hovering above us, unreadable expressions on their faces.

1. Fusuma, sliding doors made from wood and paper, which are also portable and easily removed

buchou – captain

fuku-buchou – vice captain

tensai – genius


(Rea doesn’t want to put in closing notes so I’ll blab off here…She’s too busy laughing beside me…)

At last, the third chapter has been posted! Good thing too…It’s nearly ten in the freakin’ evening and I’m still at Rea’s…Dratted (gay) choreographers. (I have nothing against gay people, in fact I LIKE gay people *ahem* It’s just that this one was too…Grr…)

-Countdown ’till final chapter of SIMPLY DESTINY: Seven more chapters to go


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