Scurrying Around Campus

…Trying not to die.

And here we are, more or less two years after my last post. Have you bought that string of wire you were thinking of using to strangle me? If procrastination were an actual job, I’d be filthy rich right now, along with more than half of the population. 

I won’t even try giving excuses because I honestly have none. I’ve just been lazy as heck. What, with meeting deadlines and juggling classes, freaking out over visas and scholarships, planning last minute meet-ups with friends and going out on impulse, doing all the extra curricular work, and generally just trying not to die before we get to Japan, there was just so many things I wanted to tell that I didn’t know where to start.

…Didn’t I just say no excuses?

Well, that’s basically what happened from the start of the New Year of 2013 up until we left sometime in September of the same year. There was an acquaintance dinner for our department where we mostly pigged out on the free food and tried not to squeal when a particularly cute professor paired up with us in a game or when the professor most people admired for his voice (and looks) spoke on the podium and somewhat mingled with the other batches. It was the first time I actually met the younger batches and wow does that make me feel old. The food was great, as it always was with occasions like this. They do say not to skimp on food. We’re just making good on it 😉

There was also a cultural exchange program with students from a private university in Japan. It was good practice, since none of us were really that good with striking up conversations. It so happens that we made a friend here who we’ll be seeing again in Japan during one of our adventure travels. It just had us running from one venue to the next because we had a kanji exhibit of sorts right before the event.


漢字と感じ (Apologies in advance for any and all original pictures posted here. I have no talent with a camera. All content and concepts used in this exhibit belong to their respective owners.)


願 Negau To desire, to wish, to hope “Childhood bonds forged with paper chains; Scattered dreams riding on the wings of paper cranes.” || 欲 Hoshii To want, to desire. “You know what you want.” || 望 Desire, hope “In these day to day pictures, what do the lens wish for?”


喜 Yorokobu Happiness “In happiness, we are all children at heart.”  ||  儚 Hakanai Fleeting, Transient, Momentary “For a moment, everything went into place.”


甘 Amae Depending on others’ kindness. “Now I know why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” || 懐 Natsukashii Nostalgia “Remnants of the faded yesterday.”


縁 En Fate, destiny “For you and I are destined, bound by the red string of fate.”


涙 Namida Tears  ||  悔 Kui Regret “If only I knew what to put here…”  ||  切 Setsunai Painful “Either tears or blood shall pour…or both.”


悔 Regret “If only I knew what to put here…”

There was shodo in our booth too, which is basically Japanese calligraphy. The whole first floor lobby of one of the buildings was filled with booths showcasing different cultures. There was Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian/Malaysian, Persian, and Filipino, to name a few. It was overflowing with different scents and colors, since there was food EVERYWHERE and you can try on traditional kimono and hanbok for free. You can easily tell which one had more of my attention hahaha.

The happy part about going on a scholarship abroad was that seven of us were going at the same time, but that also meant we would be leaving a few people behind. Considering this, it wasn’t so strange to find ourselves increasingly spending our time together, whether it was just for breaks between classes, going out to eat after class, doing papers (which happened less often than it should, for reasons best left unexplored), or hanging out and just drinking milk tea. (You might have remembered me posting something about milk tea sessions being our version of drinking sessions.)

I’ll make another post soon after this detailing our different despedida shenanigans. I promise to try not taking several months before posting again. 😛


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