Ode To Bucky Goad

“There’s nothing more valuable in life than someone who’s nice to you and means it.”

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My oldest brother was twenty-five when he had the life stabbed out of him, but I was only eight. I’ve always known that he was murdered in Paris in 1969. What I didn’t learn until recently was that his whole life was only a dress rehearsal for that ugly final act.

My other brother Johnny, who’s thirteen years older than me and knew my oldest brother far better than I did, has helped me fill in a lot of the blank, bleak details.

Dad met mom at a USO Dance in Philly, accidentally knocked her up, and was in Europe fighting the Nazis when informed that he’d gotten her pregnant. Their first baby was born out of wedlock.

His legal name was Alton Howard Goad, Jr., but all we ever called him was Bucky.

Bucky was different from 99 percent of us because he couldn’t hear or talk. My mother…

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Kanji Card – 操

‘Kay. I know I haven’t been posting, but…yeah. I promise, I WILL post all the stuff I’ve been busy with. In the mean time, lemme show you one of the new kanji I’ve learned so far. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. I blame my resurfacing HPLV/HPTR fandom feels for this.


Kanji – JLPT N3 – 操


Meaning manipulate
Onyomi Sou
Kunyomi Masao/Ayatsu(ru)
Strokes 16 (click on the pic to start the video)

Vocabulary including the kanji 操

Kanji Furigana Romaji Meaning JLPT
操作 そうさ sousa operation, handling
体操 たいそう taisou gymnastics
操り人形 あやつりにんぎょう ayatsuriningyou a marionette

Kanji Radicals inside 操

Radical Radical name Meaning


Kanji たくみに株の操作をして巨額の富を得た。
Furigana たくみにかぶのそうさをしてきょがくのとみをえた。
Romaji takumini kabu no sousa wo shite kyogaku no tomi wo eta.
English He made a fortune by clever manipulation of the stock market.


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実は、あまり思い出を覚えられないです。大きい空を見ます。でも姉、あやしくて、あたまがおかしい人って。いつも何かやるって - 本を読みながら、音楽をききながら、勉強しました。本当にいそがしい人って。

だから おさななじみ が ない です。



今、時間がない。でも、今はくらべてうれしいですよ。クラスメートたちは教えるので、今回、本当にがんばるといいんですが。私は本当に lucky です。


All Pepped Up

Another entry for Pilates class though it has absolutely no relation to the exercise whatsoever.

So no, this isn’t the fanfic update that I’ve been talking about for so long. I hope nobody tortures me for this.

Just this Monday, we attended our university pep rally to show our support to the various varsity teams for the upcoming season. It was an event in which we could rally together and cheer on the athletes, and see them perform amazing numbers onstage for us. Because the students were talented like that. The event started sometime after 3PM, and lasted somewhere around an hour and a half to two hours. And let me tell you: The ticket was well worth it.

Held at the University Film Center, the lighting and other effects were superb as expected. There were times when the audio failed, possibly due to the overexcited athletes tripping over the wires (which, if you think about it, is rather ironic considering how graceful and skilled they move in their respective fields) as they scurried from one end of the stage to another without trying to be seen.

I’ll be completely honest and say that I didn’t really expect the quality of performances this year; having seen last year’s pep rally — which consisted mostly of line dances and other similar mass performances that looked almost impromptu I’m so mean — I was expecting something along those lines. Also, taking into account the limited time they were able to practice (classes started on the thirteenth of June), I can’t help but be surprised at how well their performances went.

Scratch that. My jaw was hanging open by the time the Fencing Team was done with their performance.

I think you would too, if a whole team of lean yet muscled fencers complete with hot girls was in front of you and you started seeing a band of black showing above a steadily lowering  pure white garter line.

The other performances were amazing too. UP Street, which is said to be competing in a worldwide street dance competition sometime this year, was downright amazing. The movements were executed cleanly and precisely, blending well with the mix of music used. Together with the lights and the fog, the whole pep rally was really a sight to behold and a wonder to listen to.

And damn, I just realized how much I really miss dancing.