Aaaand School’s Out!

Okay, so it’s been over since the tenth, but I’ve spent the first few days organizing and putting away the school texts I’ve accumulated for the past semester and catching up on sleep.

This has been sitting around in my drafts folder for a bit so I thought it was about time it got out before anyone tried strangling me because I didn’t make it in time for the two weeks after Holy Week thing when I said I’d start posting again. This one’s going to be pretty short, because I’m pretty sure I’d make your eyes bleed with the probable length of the next few posts. But I have plans >D It’ll be like a month-by-month thing with the stuff I’ve promised so far, maybe with bits and pieces of other stuff (like ranting in Japanese) mixed in between.

I’ve started my personal summer projects too. Re-learning how to cook and cooking for one or two people at most was supposed to be at the top of the list, but it got displaced by catching up on sleep. I’ve begun re-writing my notes for the this sem’s Nihongo classes, taken out the old ones for review, downloaded several raw light novels and raw manga for reading exercises, and gotten new listening material. (Summer Paradise by Simple Plan featuring Taka from ONE OK ROCK is lurve. And the video’s nice too! I’ve been listening to it the whole week and I keep repeating it enough that a certain Dark-Lord-in-Training ended up staying in my lap and demanding to watch the music video on loop) I’ve also begun looking for dummy’s guides to learning stocks, teaching myself Italian, and transferring files from the laptop to make room for a sudden urge to download and watch Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Charmed in HD. There are also writing projects and books I’m just itching to read although I don’t really know why that is as I’ve worked my way through three-quarters of the pile of actual books by the first week alone.

So I’ll be taking my leave (again!) to draft out the first few narratives of what the last four months have been like for me and my merry, not-exactly-normal, absolutely insane, awesome forever classmates. Until then, knock yourself out with this one 😉

[Simple Plan] Summer Paradise (ft. Taka from ONE OK ROCK)


Just a Quickie

Just a quick update so you won’t assume I’m dead. Although there isn’t really much to say if I were, save that the world has one less sadist in it. LOL.

Just a few more weeks and classes will be ending. This merits two reactions from me and, most probably, the rest of my classmates: “Hurray!” and “Asdfjkl; NO! I’m not done with my paper yet dammit!”

Well, there you have it. A week or two after Holy Week, I’ll be catching up on all the stuff I’ve been promising to post — the adventurous fieldwork in the mountains of Sierra Madre, getting that scholarship, happiness with my awesome forever classmates, our misadventures in Pampanga, and our weekly indulgences. There’ll even be pictures too! And, gasp, dare I say it? Fanfic updates! I commend and pity anyone and everyone who still sticks with me this far, with my erratic posting schedules. Or lack of it.


Anyway, it’s nearly five in the morning here, and I have to go get some shut eye before our last dance performance for this semester. I hope. LOL. I just passed by to tell you that:

  1. Final Fantasy is amazing;
  2. I’m turning into an obsessive fangirl again;
  3. It’s okay because it’ll be what I’m blogging about in our weekly class blog;
  4. I have a legitimate excuse to take unwarranted breaks between the flood of paperwork we were left with; and
  5. I’m near to tears because I haven’t finished one-fifth of one of my major papers.

Oh, and I’m getting hooked again to Suteki da Ne, one of the songs in Final Fantasy X, the one I wrote about today. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I’m recommending it to you. Don’t worry, it’s harmless…relatively XD Well, I did get depressed the first time I heard it and all…

 So, life as usual, yeah?

Oh, I’ll be posting a copy of that sort-of-rushed article here too. But it’s all in Japanese, so don’t strangle me please.

Note to self: Finish all paperwork if I want to get anywhere or go anywhere for that matter. Procrastination. Why did I have to be a pro? LOL.

Waking Nightmares

Recently, you asked whether I had nightmares. Frequent and recurring nightmares. I wanted to shake my head and smile, but we would both know I was lying.

You’re just that type of person. That good a friend.

So instead, I asked why. I asked what it was for. I asked away in hopes that you would be deterred and not ask. Because if you kept asking, I would eventually say it. I would eventually tell you. And I didn’t want to. I really didn’t want to. To tell you would have meant showing you the side of me that I tried to bury beneath layers upon layers of raucous laughter and playful violence, of cheerful banter and halfhearted insults.

Even though I always declared, “It’s fine. I’m like that too, yanno,” nobody seemed to take me seriously. I don’t think there ever was a reason for you see it firsthand. I’m glad you didn’t.

I don’t even want to admit it to myself. I don’t even want to acknowledge it.

But it’s there. Resisting all efforts of concealment and extermination. After years of trying to do away with it, it’s still there, mocking as ever. Making me more vulnerable than I already was.

I didn’t like it. I still don’t like it. Continue reading

So, Errr…

A smashed glass, a pile of wet academic readings, and a mutilated hand later, I type you yet another excuse for my lateness.

Come to think of it, my recent posts seem to have a lot of blood and/or violence in them. I wonder if I see a trend.

Ah well. So I’m posting late again. Because I am such a useless waste of space orz LOL, I kid. Self-pity only gets people so far, usually not farther than what they can throw.

Aaaaand I’m going to stop with the uncalled for, snarky, woe-is-me comments.

Life has been…how shall I put it? Well, let’s just say that instead of being one week of fast food, the past week for me has become one week (and counting) of brine stained cheeks and red, puffy eyes. And I don’t even have a current romantic relationship! Even then, I have a feeling I won’t be the one doing the crying. I’m a shameless, heartless bastard after all.

Just a few hours ago, I came to a realization. I now understand why the people in asylums, or the ones that are emotionally and/or psychologically unstable, or the ones that have finally broken, are portrayed as laughing nearly, if not fully, hysterically while crying uncontrollably.

It’s because laughter is their only remaining reassurance that somehow, some way, they are still part of the waking world, and that other people know this. That they haven’t disappeared into the void of nothingness as they’ve feared. That they’re still alive and not just some phantom living in someone else’s version of life. That they still retain a part of themselves. That they’re still there.

I’ve also unfortunately had to experience an emotional breakdown in front of my maternal parent. After avoiding showing her such weakness for nearly nineteen years. And she brought it on in the first place. knew my skills had to have come from somewhere. I think my pride just jumped the window.

So, well, I guess life’s been pretty busy lately. You don’t say? Pretty damn hard too. It’d put a rock to shame. It’s not something I want to let show in my writing but obviously does so I might hold off posting the next parts for a bit. After all, the first few parts of SASBRC is supposed to be light and happy, if a bit fluffy. I’m trying to write the middle parts though, the part after Hogwarts (yes, I’m ambitious enough to let it get that far xD). And, well, I figured since they would be in the middle of a war, I’d use these types of typically destructive emotions to make something, well…would fanfiction be considered productive? *sweatdrop*

I’m really sorry I keep making you wait. I’m a bad author D:

My best friend is ranting at me to sleep now. “Calm down and sleep,” he said. And I think I should. I still have to try typing up some stuff both for school and for fun tomorrow. And I totally forgot to study for my upcoming exam this week. I am so going to die @_@

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the people who helped me through tonight.

Thank you, Lee, for the virtual slap and taking me back to reality.

Thank you Victor, for trying to help me and ultimately making me laugh. You always, without fail, manage to do that when you catch me crying. I can’t quite believe you’re still the person who only comes to me when he needs me as his emotional crutch. I’m sorry for springing you with all that happened tonight. And for burdening you with some of the deeper causes of this.

And thank you Bryan, for sticking around even though I know that studying for your exams in engineering without taking anime breaks exhausted you. For locking yourself in your room with the tablet to talk to me despite it not being fully yours. And for shortening what was already a short sleeping schedule just to talk to me and tell me to sleep.

Simply Destiny [03]

The idea to use banners for different stories is not originally mine. I got it from Jeyna Grace. She has a Tom Riddle x OC story up, as well as her own fiction. Visit her page at and tell her I said hi ;)

The idea to use banners for different stories is not originally mine. I got it from Jeyna Grace. She has a Tom Riddle x OC story up, as well as her own fiction. Visit her page at and tell her I said hi 😉

As seen on

A/N: Okay, we’re back! Though it has been a long time since we last updated…Unfortunately, our ultimatum was not reached (sob) but…I can’t help it…I just have to post this one!

Hinataluv: Whee! You’re here again! Thanks for reviewing and I do hope you’ll like this…

Sakuni: mamMie!!! Read this, and then tell me what you think (grin)

That goes for everyone as well. I really do hope that you’ll like it and LAUGH J Demanding aren’t I? Oh by the way, Never Ending Promise won’t be updated in a while…Though I’m already halfway through, and am starting what may be a sequel AND a prequel, the computer’s busted and so is the internet. So just a little patience, next time I update that, it’ll be five chapters longer (wide grin)…As long as Sakuni doesn’t keep on snatching my notebook away from me…

Rea: …What’ll I say?

Uhh…For the first time, she’s at a loss for words. O.O

Rea: I’m so sad…About…the reviews…I don’t feel like…continuing…


Rea: BUT…

Oh man…

Rea: …I like slave driving…


Rea: Especially crizarah


Rea: mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa

(Regulars’ POV)


We turned over to look at the venue which we were all trying so hard not to look at and found…

I think Mitsu-chan is dead!”

Tezuka lying on the ground, a large, ugly bruise on his forehead and half of the clipboard he once held beside him. The other one…was in the new manager’s hands.

It wasn’t my fault, it’s his,” she said in a singsong voice while pointing at a seemingly dead Tezuka.

Everyone was in shock – complete and utter shock – at what had transpired.

Ryu-za-ki-sen-sei…” Her voice was still the same she used earlier. “If he’s really dead, could you hurry and call the medics? I don’t want others to see the result of my crime – err, his suicide attempt.” Now she was smiling a smile that was not unlike Fuji’s – very sadistic while pretending to be innocent.

Half of the club fainted.

The Regulars were following Tezuka home. Why? Because he was going home…with the new manager.

“What’s Tezuka doing?” Oishi fretted. “He’s going to ruin his life by…!!”

“Calm down, fuku-buchou,” Momoshiro said coolly. “I’m sure they won’t do that.

Oishi stopped, causing the others to bump into him. “Do what?”

“What you had in mind,” Fuji said with his usual (sadistic) smile. “Saa, let’s keep quiet or they’re bound to notice us.”

“How did I end up going along with this stupidity anyway?” the freshman prodigy complained. Continue reading

Never Ending Promise [002]

The idea to use banners for different stories is not originally mine. I got it from Jeyna Grace. She has a Tom Riddle x OC story up, as well as her own fiction. Visit her page at and tell her I said hi ;)

The idea to use banners for different stories is not originally mine. I got it from Jeyna Grace. She has a Tom Riddle x OC story up, as well as her own fiction. Visit her page at and tell her I said hi 😉

“It’ll be a handicap match. You and Echizen against me, okay?” Momoshiro asked.

“No.” Momoshiro raised his brow at Yamato’s reply. “I don’t play Doubles.”

“Fine then, I’ll play against each of you, one on one,” Momoshiro shrugged. He turned to Ryoma as Yamato exited the court. “Which?”


“Which? Smooth?” Katsuo and Kachiro asked, confused at the two vocabularies.

“That’s why I don’t like beginners,” Horio said arrogantly. Holding up his racquet for demonstration, he explained, “Those are terms used to determine who serves first. If the grip faces right side up, it’s called smooth. If it faces down side up, it’s called rough.”

“Too bad, it’s rough,” Momoshiro said. “Well, I’ll let you serve, but I’ll take this court.”

“Momoshiro-senpai, don’t you want to serve first?” Horio asked loudly. “You won the toss.”

“I want to see the Twist Serve right away,” the elder said with his usual grin.

“Momoshiro-senpai, you’re so cool!”

“Call me Momo-chan,” Momoshiro said in a warm voice.

“I can’t call you that!….Can I be the umpire?”

“Go ahead,” Momoshiro shrugged.

Horio eagerly climbed up the ladder and sat on the chair. He cleared his throat and began. “Er…and now, the game between Momoshiro-senpai and Echizen will begin. The referee will be me, Horio, who has two years of tennis experience–”

“Forget about all that and begin the game!” yelled the annoying girl from outside the courts. Continue reading

Sayonara, Bloody IV Drip!

So I just got out of confinement. And no, that’s not me trying to wriggle out of posting. My body was being a bitch like the rest of me and wouldn’t respond to medication. So you lot out there who haven’t been totally rendered insane by the randomness of this blog, I advise you to stay out of hospitals. If anything, try not to have yourself stuck to an IV drip. The dextrose isn’t that bad in itself, even if the nurses said it was supposed to hurt. What does that say about my body? but the skin test shots for the medication you might get through it is just not something you want. It bloody hurts, I tell you. And that’s coming from someone who didn’t have any anesthesia while having her leg incised. And watched the whole thing.


I wasn’t confined the whole time much to my mother’s wallet’s relief. The internet got busted, I got loopier (what’s new?), and other shit happened. So between traveling eight hours per trip to a far away province for our fieldwork (which I intend to write about, maybe even post some pictures. The stream was awesome.), researching, recording, doing paperwork, applying for a scholarship abroad (and actually getting it; another thing I really, really want to write about), and juggling all of that with all the everyday struggles of taking care of our very own Mini Lord Voldemort and just trying to actually live, I got to squeeze in some time to write. I warn you though: there is a high probability of crappy quality. Or well, it’d be different from what I usually write, I think. I just couldn’t seem to get into the “right” mood for writing long enough. I’m trying (read the operative word, mates, trying) to make it my life to write something that isn’t too technical, bland, boring (who doesn’t?), or plain. My current writing mode borders all of that combined. Following my earlier train of thought, that would mean I utterly fail at life “OTL

I actually have a lot of stories to tell, more randomness to infect you with, and even more crack to test your sanity. I just have to type it down. Because yes, I have finally admitted to myself that I can’t function properly without traumatizing people with my posts sharing them. I kind of really absolutely unbelievably miss writing for fun and not having my head ache at random intervals because of the ever-present paper. Besides, I have yet to fulfill my mission of learning how to write casually at will. Even in the dratted things known as papers.

That said, forgive the lack of posts. And the nearly month-long lateness of the next installment of chapters. And everything else, except maybe for spreading the insanity. That part I get to say, “Hah! I told you so!” I’ll be putting up the next chapters for NEP and SD, but SASBRC will be a tad late because klutzy me managed to lose the paper with the last chunk of the chapter. Please don’t maim me yet!

Oh, and the title? That was pretty literal.

Daily dose of being freaky complete!XD