End It with a Bang…and a Wet Shirt: December 2012

Huzzah, I am not yet dead!

I’m sooooo sorry this took so long. I’m slowly but surely emphasis on the slowly trying to write all the things that have happened in the past year and a half, while keeping track of the current stuff. I have no excuse. It’s spring break over here (Hear! Hear! Filipino student on spring break? You probably already have an idea of what one of the future posts will be about.). And I’m working. Oops, so much for no excuses.

Either way, if you’re still sure you want to see what madness my classmates and I have been up to, read on below! Continue reading


Just a Quickie

Just a quick update so you won’t assume I’m dead. Although there isn’t really much to say if I were, save that the world has one less sadist in it. LOL.

Just a few more weeks and classes will be ending. This merits two reactions from me and, most probably, the rest of my classmates: “Hurray!” and “Asdfjkl; NO! I’m not done with my paper yet dammit!”

Well, there you have it. A week or two after Holy Week, I’ll be catching up on all the stuff I’ve been promising to post — the adventurous fieldwork in the mountains of Sierra Madre, getting that scholarship, happiness with my awesome forever classmates, our misadventures in Pampanga, and our weekly indulgences. There’ll even be pictures too! And, gasp, dare I say it? Fanfic updates! I commend and pity anyone and everyone who still sticks with me this far, with my erratic posting schedules. Or lack of it.


Anyway, it’s nearly five in the morning here, and I have to go get some shut eye before our last dance performance for this semester. I hope. LOL. I just passed by to tell you that:

  1. Final Fantasy is amazing;
  2. I’m turning into an obsessive fangirl again;
  3. It’s okay because it’ll be what I’m blogging about in our weekly class blog;
  4. I have a legitimate excuse to take unwarranted breaks between the flood of paperwork we were left with; and
  5. I’m near to tears because I haven’t finished one-fifth of one of my major papers.

Oh, and I’m getting hooked again to Suteki da Ne, one of the songs in Final Fantasy X, the one I wrote about today. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I’m recommending it to you. Don’t worry, it’s harmless…relatively XD Well, I did get depressed the first time I heard it and all…

 So, life as usual, yeah?

Oh, I’ll be posting a copy of that sort-of-rushed article here too. But it’s all in Japanese, so don’t strangle me please.

Note to self: Finish all paperwork if I want to get anywhere or go anywhere for that matter. Procrastination. Why did I have to be a pro? LOL.

Blog and Plug

I have a legitimate excuse to take a break from studying that massive pile of school texts that’s teetering and threatening to bury me underneath its bulk.

Our Japanese class’s blog is now official functional! And it’s on the same site! There you’ll see weekly posts from members of our class about anything under the sun. (Though I have a hunch that most of the posts there will be connected to Japan in one way or another. Well, it is a Japanese class.)

So far, the only things posted there are the welcome message and our self-introductions with our pictures. Give it time. Some of us have expressed their intentions to post when they aren’t too busy trying not to get swallowed up by schoolwork. Soon it’ll be filled with everything from trivia, events, to pure randomness.

It’s purely in Japanese though. Most of the thoughts survive Google Chrome’s translations so if you can withstand the atrocious grammar and lack of coherence of the translations, it should be fine if you want to read it. I anticipate no lack of pictures from us, so that may make up for it as well.

Join the madness here!

With my advertising campaign done, I now return to the nest I had made of my readings and school texts. See ya guys if I return from the land of the half-dead!

Hello, Goodbye

(The “goodbye” part? Not really. LOL, I’m not that kind. Or anything near kind at all for that matter XD)


Most of our previous professors and even some of our upperclassmen have warned told us that this semester it would be a miracle if we don’t die would be particularly taxing. We’ve also met with our professors, and it really seems to be that way.


I don’t really have a choice but to kill my happy self avoid any and all distractions as much as possible. Which, as we all know, is impossible, because I already have a lot of distractions in school alone. LOL.


I guess I won’t be able to post anything for a while. There I go again with that line. For the duration of my insane ramblings’ absence, I hope nobody comes to their senses, pities their sanity, and unfollows me. For those who follow the wannabe-fanfics, I will try to post at least one in December. Hopefully I’ll have at least a chapter to show you as a compensation of sorts for your sanity’s condition.

I’ll post if when if when if I have a whole hour’s worth to breathe without worrying about readings and shizz.

See ya guys when this hell sem is over!

…I hope.

Japanese Blogging?

Two of my classes this semester include a lot of writing in Japanese. One involves blogging in Japanese on a wordpress account shared by the whole class. Okay, that’s shameless plugging right there. The other involves the proper creation and execution of an interesting and effective speech. In Japanese.

Bloody hell.

Creative juices and plot bunnies, please don’t abandon me mid-sem!

Queues, Tons of Walking, and a Dash of Life Saving Teamwork

Back to school time for us. The second semester actually started just this Thursday, with enrollment starting on the Monday before that. Which naturally meant long lines for class enlistment, and even longer lines for payment of fees. And let’s not forget the Hunger Games-esque scenes that always seem to happen around the areas of Math, Science, and Technology (MST) subjects.

Before anything else, I would just like to say that, without any kind of higher priority, enlisting MSTs is a witch with a nectar-loving, striped insect. Supersized. Continue reading

One Last Pike!

Last week, our Physical Education teacher Pilates instrucThor took advantage of his last chance to make us go through hell experience the most agonizing positions he could think of, and he really outdid himself in his sadism.

Tuesday had him grinning like a mad scientist witnessing his very own Frankenstein-inspired creations students perform what was probably the most intense workout he had devised. Come Thursday, his low, rumbling laughter was all but ready to spill out as the poor students carried, tugged, or dragged each other across the floor and slid along without stepping out of the boundaries of three separate paper plates. I couldn’t resist that second serving of strawberry ice cream, but I shouldn’t have had those two butterscotch bars.

How’s that for a closing party?

Those last two sessions actually pretty much characterized all of the thirty-two hour-long sessions we had – perpetual sadism from our instructor as we go through the warm ups until the cool downs, interspersed with encouragements and constructive criticism, grunts of effort, and echoing cries as we tortured ourselves and strengthened our muscles. Staying awake during the relaxation part of our cool down exercises take conscious effort. And the following day, good luck with getting out of bed and going through the day without screaming in pain.

It isn’t even a week since our last class, but I find that I miss it already. Yes, I’m a masochist. I know. I am planning to continue with Pilates even after the class has finished as soon as I get to swim out of the papers I find myself drowning in, but doing it on your own and doing it with a class are still different. There’s a certain sense of solidarity when you hear others struggling with you, and a bigger feeling of satisfaction when you, as a group, succeed in doing a pose or survive three minutes’ worth of Prayer Planks – which is basically bracing your forearms against the ground for support and holding your whole body in a stiff diagonal position and not letting your body sag to the ground, with a leg up for a variation of the torture.

This class was also the reason I put up this blog in the first place. Don’t worry though, I plan to continue messing with your sanity and keep this collection of my musings, anecdotes, fanfiction, and most other things that pass through my head and survive the night.

Though if you continue reading this, I can’t guarantee that your sanity will.