The Reason Why I (Probably) Won’t Lose Weight Intentionally

(Not really a continuation of the last post. That will come soon. I think. Humour me.) Continue reading


Of Pilates and Ego

We come in a single, tightly bound package, Procrastination and I.

We’re twins, actually; I was born a handful of hours before he even poked out his highly appealing head. But I have this feeling that, though I’m older, he seems to be the more dominant one.

Take for example this post.

The Pilates-related articles from my class will officially start to be interspersed with my fanfics and other random posts. (To those of you waiting for it, I’ll post the first chapter of the one set in the HP-verse sometime next week. And it’ll be long. Honest.) Actually it — you guessed it — should have been seen with my other posts since a few days ago. But, oh, you know, my twin can be very persuasive when he wants to be — and he always is. He managed to convince me to stay in bed, oncoming flu notwithstanding. (I have been known to be more jittery than a ferret in heat even when my temperature reached thirty-nine degrees Celsius. Don’t look at me like that. I like Draco ferrets.)

So it’s been established that in this post, I have to write about flexibility enhancing, core muscle strengthening, generally enjoyable Pilates. Which is fine, by the way, as I find the experience a fine blend of frustrating and relaxing. But here’s the thing: aside from the deadline — which no thanks to lousy internet and trying to salvage several loaves of bread and turning them into pudding (yes, I can actually cook), has already passed for me — and having absolutely no idea what and how to write, I have a problem. Continue reading