Simply Destiny [01]

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Summary: Hannah Sonozaki is a transfer student from Italy. In her stay in Seigaku, she becomes the temporary manager of the Boys’ Tennis Club, and something more. Little did they know that she has certain connections to a certain buchou…

Author’s Note: This story isn’t mine. It’s Rea Ysabelle’s. I’m just writing it for her, but the plot is co-written with me. And she…is now behind me. 🙂 Oh, and keep in mind that I’m currently working on other fics so I won’t be updating as much…That is added to the fact that our computer is broken (damn thing…)

…Rea!! Let me work!…

(Hannah’s POV)

Seishun Gakuen…better than Hyotei?

Hnh, I guess it’ll do. No, scratch that; it’ll have to do. Don’t ask me why, I’m not in the mood to answer such questions.

Flicking imaginary dust from the collar of my shirt, I walked languidly through the corridors. Through the wide windows, I could see several students going about their clubs’ activities. My gaze lingered for a moment at the grassy tennis courts before resuming their scrutiny of the area.

‘It doesn’t seem bad,’ I thought with a shrug and made my way to the principal’s office. I was only half-listening to what he was saying when I got there; I was paying more attention to the pink sweat suit-clad woman beside him. “Ishikawa Hiroyuki-san, can I go with Ryuzaki-sensei now?”

The woman’s lips quirked. “Cocky as ever, eh, Hannah?”

“I have the right to be,” I smirked, crossing my arms in front of my chest. Suddenly, a grin spread on my face and I held up a peace sign. “Just kidding.”

She sweatdropped. ‘And still as unpredictable as ever…’ Continue reading