Chapters! Finally!

I finally got around to typing and posting the first chapters of my fanfiction. Hurray for me! And to those who read them, I’m going to have to ask you if I have to pay for any damage fees, health services, and other things that my writing might have caused. They have banners at the top, color coded so anyone brave enough to read all of them who want to read all of them won’t get confused. The idea came from reading Jeyna Grace’s page. She’s got a Tom Riddle x OC fic up, as well as her own fiction. It’s nice; you should check it out.

All right. So right now, I have three works in progress, all in varying degrees of completion and in always in danger of “two-month-long” hiatuses.

The one I have most chapters of is Never Ending Promise, but anyone who knows the Prince of Tennis storyline knows that it’s incredibly far from finished. I’ve maybe until the matches against Hyotei, which would put us at the Kantou District semi-finals.

Then there’s Simply Destiny, which I have six of ten chapters of. As written above the post, it appears exactly as it does in, random dialogue between Rea and I in the authors’ note and all. It’s rather different from what I usually write, noticeable in the use of different characters’ perspectives and writing them in the first person, and I can only seem to write it when I’m with Rea who owns the obviously crazy girl OC. Sad to say, we don’t see each other much these days even if the universities we attend are along the same avenue. I’ll try to keep writing in that style and present her with the finished work (we’ve worked out what to do with the storyline) when I finish it. Hopefully, that’ll happen before we graduate.

Both of those fanfictions are of the under the Prince of Tennis fandom, and were things I started back in high school. I might be posting the stuff I wrote back in grade school. Let me get my savings up first though. I don’t think I can afford to pay for the damages my high school and grade school attempts at writing can inflict.

In the Harry Potter fandom, I currently have Siriusly Bothered, Severely Annoyed, Remuneratively CuriousI’ve been toying with the idea of posting it here instead of driving people mad when I pace around the room trying to visualize it and now here you are. It’s something I’m writing in an old blue book of mine during my four and a half hour break when I’m not running around desperately trying to search for informants for our research. I’ve planned it as far as twenty years into the story, when Harry tries not to get killed by Voldemort while he tries to end the Dark Lord’s existence. Yes, I’m a dork like that. I hope I get around to finishing it.

There’s one more though although if I’ll be honest, there are a lot. My mind has a lot of corners for plot bunnies to be born along with the dust bunnies. As I’ve apparently been inflicted with the Dark Lord Fever, a plot bunny is currently trying to win a fight against my more sensible guardian dust bunnies. If it doesn’t suffocate and die, (I’m sorry, that was pretty morbid for so early in the morning) I might be posting a time traveling fic. It’ll be full of a certain Dark Lord in the making’s sinfully sexy smirks and mutual manipulation. If the bunny doesn’t die on me.

Four fics.

I’m really going to get myself killed, if not by stress, then by angry readers when I don’t finish them, aren’t I?